About Pawsitive Pathways Psychiatry: A Journey Towards Compassionate Care

Pawsitive Pathways Psychiatry is a specialized telemedicine practice dedicated to the mental health and well-being of children and adolescents. Our mission is rooted in the belief that every young individual deserves access to compassionate and expert psychiatric care.
The Heart Behind the Practice

Meet Taylor

Taylor, our founder, is a psychiatric nurse practitioner with a profound passion for pediatric mental health. Her journey in this field began in college when a psychology class sparked a deep interest in mental health. This curiosity led her from being a tech, then a nurse, and eventually to specializing in psychiatry.
After graduating in Tennessee, Taylor’s path brought her to Idaho, where she decided to establish her practice. Her experience in various settings, combined with a desire to have the freedom to focus solely on pediatric care, led to the creation of Pawsitive Pathways Psychiatry.
A psychiatric nurse practitioner with a profound passion for pediatric mental health.
Pawsitive Pathways Psychiatry Owners with their furry pets on a snowy outdoor

Our Approach: More Than Just Medication Management

While our primary service is medication management for various mental health conditions, we believe in providing holistic care. This includes educating families about these conditions and the treatments and guiding them through the complexities of pediatric mental health.

Our Philosophy: Tailored Care for Young Minds

At Pawsitive Pathways Psychiatry, we understand that treating young minds requires a unique approach. Taylor’s experience has shown her the importance of a practice that is not only professional but also approachable and kid-friendly. This is reflected in everything we do, from the playful twist in our name to the way we interact with our young patients and their families.
A young girl with her mom while on a virtual activity towards mental well-being improvement

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